The BeatBox Writer’s Spot


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Welcome to The BeatBox Writer's Spot! This is where we give the patrons of this website a chance to write your own articles for the site. If it is memory from your past and you think others will remember it fondly as well, then go for it!
Here are some tips to insure your article will make it onto The BeatBox. (Remember not all articles will be approved)

  • You can write about Classic TV Shows, Cartoons, Movies, Music, Concerts, Toys, Board Games, etc. The time frame we are looking for is 1975-2005

  • Keep in mind that these are articles and not forum posts. Take your time and make them a good read.

  • If you can have whatever you are writing an article about on hand as a point of reference, that would be very helpful in constructing the best article.

  • Pictures, videos or Youtube clips are not required but they can be a helpful aid in jogging the readers nostalgia bone and are usually well received.

  • And last but not least….just have some fun with it! You are not getting graded on it like a school assignment.